The Free Technology Academy (FTA) is an advanced virtual campus with various course modules, which can be followed entirely on-line and seeks to educate and promote the adoption of Free Software and other Free Technologies. I explained in detail what the FTA is last year. This week the Association of Greek Users and Friends of Free/Open Source Software has joined the FTA’s International Associate Partner Network.

Constantine Mousafiris, Special Registar of GREEKLUG, explained that:

“This cooperation will fit nicely into an international partner-network with all involved parties motivated by the same principles: passion for Free Software, for unrestricted access to knowledge, desire to encourage further spreading of use of Open Standards and a determination to offer outstanding quality of educational courses in the subject of Free Software. It will be priority to highlight the benefits of adoption of Free Software, both in the Public Administration and in the corporate and private world. We aim to raise awareness and contribute to the building of a critical mass for the use of Free Software and Open Standards. This partnership offers us both the expertise and the right platform, so that we can offer excellent opportunities to the Greek public to study all possible aspects of Free Technology, from the most basic to the most advanced level of technical knowledge.”

Details of the Partnership

  1. Contribution in terms of translation in Greek of various FTA books and other educational material;

  2. Contribution aiming towards either improving the existing educational material (i.e. through providing book reviews, etc) or contributing towards the creation of new material for the FTA courses;

  3. Sharing with FTA partners various activities that can be organised jointly and with the specific aim to promote Free Software and Open Standards.

Anyone interested can join the FTA Virtual Campus freely by registering online or enroll in any of the available courses.