Cement, the powderized mix that is a basic ingredient of concrete, is devouring Italy, said a report published in April by italian green organization Legambiente. That statement summarizes the fact that 10.000 hectares of italian surface are covered by buildings every year: it’s like we built a new Milan every four months. Were that cement used to restructure and make safe existing buildings it wouldn’t be bad, but it mostly isn’t.

The only good thing (so to speak…) in these news is that, at least, a good part of that cement is a local produce, that didn’t generate lots of pollution by coming from abroad on some truck or ship. Nine per cent of the cement used in Italy comes in fact from two plants just outside Gubbio, in the region called “the green hearth of Italy”, Umbria, that produce 11 kiograms per year of yellow cadmium and several others not really harmless substances that eventually fall on the surrounding grounds (according to the article, they’re also evaluating plans for a new incinerator in the area). Remember to ask for updates next time you’re planning a holiday in the area.