In general, I agree that humans aren’t ready for total transparency yet and that what is called the “space to think” in the article I quote below is necessary. But I also think we need an equilibrium betwen that and the de-facto total lack of transparency we have today, and I’m pretty sure that many average EU citizens think the same.

However, if we are to judge from some recent news, EU governments seem to think that they’ll take such demands seriously… and then just merrily walk around them. Quoting from EU states object to transparency in law-making:

member states have indicated that if they lose [their appeal against more transparency in law-making], they will simply switch to verbal agreements and limiting what is committed to paper so that such documents cannot be released as they would not exist.

Cool, uh? “Sure, you can check what’s happening in the offices of the people you pay to work for you, just don’t complain if they’re always working somewhere else, without leaving tracks”.