Two experts say that:

  • We don’t believe that most committed locavores sincerely promote the cultivation of pineapples or bananas in the American snowbelt; in our experience, they would rather have local residents get by without them.
  • We don’t even disagree with their belief that eating locally means eating seasonally which, in turn, results in deprivation leading to greater appreciation. In our view, food masochism should be left to the realm of personal preferences. Rather, we draw the line where local food is deemed desirable simply because of its geographical origin and is not more affordable, nutritious, safer, or better tasting than alternatives produced further away.

The problem with the last assertion is that it is not always true all throughout a whole country. There are many places in each country where local food is indeed more affordable etc… even if that is not true anymore moving just 50 kms away. Don’t you agree?

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