Installing solar panels in all village schools in Ghana would help to close the digital divide and the internet disconnect between urban dwellers and the ruralites in the country.

So says a local teacher/activist after participating in Zambia to a project that empowered the pupils of Katuba Basic School in Lusaka rural to access the internet. Several local and international sponsors provided funds for solar panels and a number of laptops to the school. The teachers and pupils in the school are now going to be able to tap into the limitless ocean of information contained in the world wide web (www) or virtual global library online.

The author considers empowering schools with solar panels and laptops as the main current challenge in bridging the digital divide in Ghana: “We call upon all and sundry to help provide alternative energy sources in our rural communities so that our youngsters can access the internet. This approach will reduce significantly our annual expenditure on supply of hardcopy textbooks which are not eco-friendly.”

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