• (this is important, please read carefully and share around this TRUE story I just heard from a friend of mine) Yesterday morning a (probably) north-american traveler made a complete, utterly ridiculous ass of himself in the Fiumicino airport, interrupting service and thus harassing everybody else around who (who would have imagined it) couldn’t risk to lose their plane for a kid’s tantrum. Why? Simply because he went to one of the bars in the airport, asked “a LATTE” and got just what he had asked for: one glass full of MILK straight out of the fridge and nothing else.
  • Cement, the powderized mix that is a basic ingredient of concrete, is devouring Italy, said a report published in April by italian green organization Legambiente. That statement summarizes the fact that 10.000 hectares of italian surface are covered by buildings every year: it’s like we built a new Milan every four months. Were that cement used to restructure and make safe existing buildings it wouldn’t be bad, but it mostly isn’t.