• At Boston.com there is a series of wonderful photographs about pollution, environment and society in the USA of the seventies. And… The image above is just the central part of the (much larger) best photograph of the whole series, the twelfth one. Today, it says (indirectly, of course) so many things about how we got into the current environmental and economic mess that maybe it should become a poster. “We pay taxes, parks don’t” is impressive enough, but what really freaks me out are the “drive, don’t walk” signs in the background (and all the others aren’t light either…).
  • Here are a few factoids you should think about the next time you’re under the shower: cutting one minute off your shower time can save up to 1,825 gallons of water annually our culture as a whole is a bit hygiene-obsessed multinationals own several “natural” cosmetics brands (but don’t pee in the shower as the original article suggests, please) Please read the whole story [here](http://grist.org/green-living-tips/2011-06-13-the-great-unwashed-ask-umbra-on-biweekly-showers) (and here’s why I think you should)_
  • Mother Earth law in Bolivia would give nature legal rights, specifically the rights to life and regeneration, biodiversity, water, clean air, balance, and restoration, mandating a fundamental ecological reorientation of Bolivia’s economy and society, as in: moving to renewable energy development of new economic indicators that assess the ecological impact of all economic activity. Goodbye GDP! ecological audits of all private and state companies regulation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions development of policies of food and renewable energy sovereignty research and investment of resources in energy efficiency, ecological practices, and organic agriculture requiring that all companies and individuals be accountable for environmental contamination with a duty to restore damaged environments.