• This happened in February 2011 but I only discovered it this week, when other Italian media resurrected the story, and it’s too good, or too serious, not to give it the greatest possible exposure. The background story is a real tragedy. Here’s an approximate, one paragraph summary: on Jan. 30th, 2011, Matthias Schepp left his home in Switzerland with his 6-year-old twins Alessia and Livia. After passing through Marseille and Corsica he arrived to Cerignola, Southern Italy, where he committed suicide by jumping (alone) under a train on February 3rd.
  • When you are online all the time with a constant, public email address you get all the kinds of spam that exist or may exist. Or so I thought. Then, one week ago I really found in my spam folder the message quoted below. This is an absolute first for me: “Radiation levels are climbing in the USA and Canada from the devastation to the nuclear reactor in Fukushima Japan.. there is an easy way to protect yourself: I am personally using this product below.