Mother Earth law in Bolivia would give nature legal rights, specifically the rights to life and regeneration, biodiversity, water, clean air, balance, and restoration, mandating a fundamental ecological reorientation of Bolivia’s economy and society, as in:

  • moving to renewable energy
  • development of new economic indicators that assess the ecological impact of all economic activity. Goodbye GDP!
  • ecological audits of all private and state companies
  • regulation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • development of policies of food and renewable energy sovereignty
  • research and investment of resources in energy efficiency, ecological practices, and organic agriculture
  • requiring that all companies and individuals be accountable for environmental contamination with a duty to restore damaged environments.

IF that law is really so simple and concrete and, above all, it is actually implemented, let’s all become Bolivians. A detailed analysis that explains the above point of Mother Earth law in Bolivia is at Yes Magazine.